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Residential Purchase Surveys: Services
Images of a detached house with garage.

Level 2 – RICS Home Buyer's Survey (with or without valuation)

The surveyor looks for visible problems that are serious, dangerous or that could affect the property value. However, the structural integrity of the property is not examined in detail, nor are defects that are down to wear and tear. The report will include an overview of required property maintenance and will give you an idea of whether repairs are needed, but it will not discuss the repair options and associated costs. The report also provides top-line guidance on environmental hazards and highlights issues that your legal advisor should look into. Surveys include a reinstatement cost for insurance purposes, and a with or without a market valuation.

Unlike the Full Building Survey report, the HomeBuyer survey report follows a set format. The report is straightforward and easy to follow, but it is not tailored to individual cases. If your property is fairly new, conventionally built and appears to be in good condition, then industry guidelines recommend a HomeBuyer survey. If you are looking for something more in depth and tailored to your needs, you may want to consider a Full Building Survey.

Level 2 - Rics Home Buyers Survey

Level 3 – Full Building Survey (with or without valuation)

A RICS Full Building Survey is the most detailed type of survey. In short, it is the gold standard.

Industry guidelines recommend this type of survey if your property is large, old, has some disrepair or has unusual features. Guidelines also recommend Full Building Surveys if you plan to do any significant renovations or extensions. Andrews Allen Associates think that a Full Building Survey is the best option for getting a complete understanding of what you are buying, whatever the property age or type.

Full building surveys provide thorough, bespoke guidance on build type, condition, structural integrity and maintenance issues.

You will receive a very detailed report with advice on visible faults and potential hidden defects. The report will also tell you the types of repairs that are needed and what property maintenance measures will be required. In addition, it provides guidance on environmental hazards and highlights issues that your legal advisor should look into. The information will be in-depth and tailored to the property type and your needs.

Village Houses
Level 3 - Full Building Survey
Old brick house

Probate Valuation

Probate is the process of dealing with someone’s assets when they pass away. A valuation to assist in calculating Inheritance Tax (often referred to as a probate valuation) due on the money, property and possessions (‘estate’) of the person who has died has to be submitted to HMRC.


The executor of a will is responsible for ensuring that any Inheritance Tax due on the estate is paid correctly. If HMRC suspect that the Inheritance Tax has been miscalculated, it can have a serious impact on the estate, its beneficiaries and the executor(s).

Andrews Allen Associates can produce “Red Book” valuations which comply with the strictest RICS standards. A “Red Book” report is far more likely to stand up to any scrutiny than a standard “Market Appraisal.” The report will go into detail on the background of a property and far more research. A Red Book report details how the valuation figure was calculated and puts the Executors in a much stronger position should the valuation be queried by HMRC for compliance with section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984.

Probate Valuation

Help to Buy Valuation

Inspection of the property by a surveyor local to the area
Overview of the property, its construction, locations and accommodation.

Overview of the property’s general condition, with photographs.

Details of three comparable properties nearby that have been sold in the past 12 months.

Valuation of the property, with a detailed description of the evidence and assumptions used.

House For Sale Sign
Help to Buy Valuation
Civil Engineer Surveying

Specific Defect Survey

A Specific Defect Survey (also known as a Specific Structural Survey or Specific Structural Inspection) is used to assess a particular problem with a property’s structure or condition. Any related building matters which are found during the inspection will also be covered. The survey goes into a similar level of detail to a Full Building Survey, but does not cover the whole property, just the specific area of concern.

Specific Defect Survey
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