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Construction work planning

Health & Safety Advisor

Andrews Allen Associates have developed a range of services that help to discharge your duties and enhance the Health and Safety in your projects.

Our solution offers independent and unbiased health and safety advice, that can be tailored to suit your needs. Enabling flexibility through a range of solutions by working in partnership with your team and supporting your principal designers in their day‑to‑day role; providing expertise and knowledge.

Healt & Safety

Principal Designer

For construction projects where it is anticipated that there will be more than one contractor involved, the client has a legal duty to appoint a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor. This appointment should be made as early in the design phase as possible, ideally before detailed design commences, to allow all Health & Safety aspects of the project to be considered.

This duty applies to both commercial and domestic clients and if this appointment is not made the client may have to fulfil the duties of both the Principal Designer & Principal Contractor.

Andrews Allen Associates we have the experience, expertise and ability to accept appointment and act Principal Designer for all or part of your construction project and discharge your duties.

Brick Construction
Principal Designer
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