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Building Defects
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Andrews Allen Associates have over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial buildings defect diagnosis and are able to provide effective defect diagnosis, this will include giving advice on any immediate actions which should be undertaken if deemed necessary to safeguard further building damage or health risks.


Defect Monitoring

Building defects do not always warrant large scale and expensive repairs. Andrews Allen Associates have the experience and expertise to carry out structural monitoring over prescribed periods and produce detailed recording and analysis. Andrews Allen Associates are able to give expert opinion on the likelihood of further defects occurring and if a level of stabilisation has been achieved.

Engineering Tools
Defect Monitorig
Stone Builder

Remedial Repairs

Andrews Allen Associates are able to give empathetic remedial work specifications to provide clients with aesthetically pleasing and effective repairs.

Consideration of remedial specifications will be targeted to achieve best value and good quality repairs to suit the clients budget and property management plan.

Remedial Repairs
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